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Musya Qeburia is Georgian artist from Tbilisi. She is creating wall paintings since 2007. Her art critically explores the surrounding world, while the artist is in constant search for better style, better expressions, and eternal progress.

Her works are not limited to wall paintings only, but she also practices other mediums, such as digital art, painting on paper and canvas, craft making and experimenting with various materials, ingredients and technics.

During her career, Musya Qeburia had 3 personal exhibitions in Georgia, and she has participated in various international art festivals, among them Kharkiv Smart FestBatumi Backyard StoriesOur Voices From the Spray Cans-Norway,   Artisterium 2014, and other. 

Her wall-paintings are intended as for the interior, also for exterior environment. During her career, she has collaborated with various companies in Georgian as well as internationally established ones, such as, European Union, Unicef, McDonald, Eastern Partnership, etc. 

After more than 10 successful years and dozens of successful projects time has come for Musya to compile her most celebrated as well as new works and put together a shop of all things Musya.

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